snowcap AG offers consulting services in the area of financial and project management since 2000. Our core consulting services focus on improving operational effectiveness, mastering change and business development / strategies for growth. Completed projects include interim management tasks, international audits, international business development projects and specialised management support.

Currently snowcap AG has active projects in the Energy, Pharma & Biotech, IT Service and the Engineering sector.

Through our investments and partners we combine consulting know-how with hands-on experts and expertise, including specialised technical skills. We believe it substential to bridge the gap to our customers day-to-day business, in order to implement effective improvents and solutions.

Our latest service are customized IT solutions, especially for the health sector. While defining design and requirements as part of our our core service, we are working with expierienced business partners to offer complete solutions to our customers. In Q3/2006 Snowcap AG has successfully completed the first project in this innovative service area.